60304C25-4CBB-404D-927D-8CE669AC3A19A Brighter Shade of Beige takes readers through whatever is on my mind (be warned!), but mostly highlights the work or play that unexpectedly lit a spark for someone and created a little more meaning or purpose for their lives. Ultimately, this blog is written to help me find it. When you read the blog, you too might hear a whisper that you want something more in your life. Something that makes it a little less beige. This blog is written to help you find it.

If you hear that whisper when reading the blog, be sure to comment.

D.R.Levi is a marketing professional by day and a writer by night. From the Pacific Northwest but currently residing in the Minneapolis area, she is working to slow down and looking for more meaningful experiences to supplement her often beige day-to-day existence. No different than many others.

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