Did I Happen?

I see a lot of people who let their life happen to them, and I want to happen to my life. I don’t want my life to happen to me.”

Luke Perry, Actor

Wow. That’s such an incredible quote. I happened to catch it on Instagram, mindlessly wasting my own life by scrolling feeds, coincidentally loaded with memorials. Luke Perry had just died. He was in his early 50s. His death was bookended by the deaths of two other people I know. Knew. One, an acquaintance, and the other, a distant relative. Still. It was there, hovering. A reminder that time, and life, is fleeting.

Have you heard that saying? You know, that “death is a 100% guarantee?” No one has time to waste on not being fulfilled. Not sucking it up and putting yourself out there. The more I mature, the more I see or hear of people passing — unexpectedly or not— the reminder is there. Am I getting sucked into a schedule and life that is no longer mine or am I making headwind on what whispers in my soul? The thing that ‘wants more’ experience in the terms that I define. Before my own time runs out.

I’m in Haka mode right now trying to make “it” transpire. But it isn’t easy to overcome the comforts, the schedules, the distractions. My progress isn’t perfect by any means. But it is progress. And isn’t that what it takes to make it happen?