Tears and the Tuscan Sun

So, there I was. Numb and stunned. Like I’d been thrown suddenly against a brick wall. My chest was tight, cheeks stinging from the salty tears that kept escaping. It was real, and it was now. My divorce was going happen and the weight of it felt debilitating. I was at home, alone, in the house that would soon no longer be ‘ours,’ but ‘his.’ And as I curled up on the couch with my precious pugs cuddled besides me and a fresh pitcher of frozen Piña Colada to all to myself to numb both my brain and my heart, I flipped channels and landed on what would become one of my all-time favorite movies, Under the Tuscan Sun.

Not sure whether it was the coconut-y brain freeze or the warmth of the rum running through my veins, but the movie resonated. Deeply. It wasn’t just because the main character was coincidentally going through a divorce. Although, trust me, I got it. It was bigger. It was about how new experiences change you and sometimes the lessons are hard along the way.

These are the messages that are so good to be reminded of. Life is hard sometimes. Let’s get real, it sucks sometimes. Life doesn’t always turn out how you think it will. At one point, Frances (the main character in the movie) drearily comes to grips with what she just did (buy a house halfway across the world) and tearfully bemoans, “I bought a house for a life I don’t even have.” You wonder, why did she buy it then? It can be so hard to trust the process of getting what you want, whether that’s starting over or working towards a goal or dream you’ve had forever.

It’s why this is such a perfect addition to the Beige Watch List.

So, truth be told. My pugs and I, okay just me as they were the responsible party, drank the entire pitcher of Piña Colada and watched the movie twice, back-to-back, in that same sitting. I cried sometimes, laughed other times, and scratched pug bellies along the way. While Pina Coladas are known for their own magic, I ended the night feeling much happier and not because of the drink, but from the message the movie left me with.

Unthinkably good things can happen even late in the game. It’s such a surprise.” – Under the Tuscan Sun (Movie, 2003)

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