Golden FOMO

Am I the only one who didn’t watch the Golden Globes? I used to live for them and the Oscars. Not watching the lengthy red-carpet fashion reviews, the actual three or four hours of the awards show itself, followed by the recap of it all made me feel as if I was missing out on something big. Missing even part of it left me with FOMO (fear of missing out), even though there were endless recaps of just about every aspect.

But, while I didn’t watch it, I did get wind of this acceptance speech and must say “Amen” to it. Actress Glenn Close won a Golden Globe and just about two minutes in to thanking fellow cast and crew members talks about how important it is particularly for women to find personal fulfillment, to follow your dreams, and say “I can do that!”. It’s so hard to remember sometimes when you’re busy with your day-to-day life. Watch the clip and get the full context of her message, it’s short but powerful.

Watching the awards shows had me celebrating the success of glamorous people I didn’t know in an industry that I didn’t work in. So, it is true. It turns out, I was missing out. Missing out on working towards my own personal fulfillment by wasting time I can’t get back by celebrating someone else’s.

Shouldn’t we all get FOMO on our own dreams, fulfillment, and achievements instead?

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