The Haka

File Feb 20, 10 01 38 PM

If you’ve checked out the rest of my blog (please, do!), you know that its purpose is to light a spark. So many of us want a more meaningful life or a deeper purpose, but the day to day chaos of a busy life often takes over. Doesn’t it? Is it just me that gets easily distracted? Maybe it’s not more meaning or purpose but finding the thing that moves your soul or are deeply passionate about.

In my past article, The Deceptive Charm of Comfort, comfort felt mildly agitating. But this month, I decided to do something new that’s a little out of the comfort zone. I’m participating in NaNoWriMo, where for 30 days you basically write your guts out on the first draft of a novel but with the social support of other writers. Let’s just be real here. I’m exactly not writing my guts out. I work full-time, have a family, and the holidays are about to drop like an atom bomb. But I am making progress on the novel I’ve dreamed of writing since I was just a kid.

Making progress feels kind of good. Ok, I’ll be honest. It feels a little better than that. It’s exciting and feels right. And, that beast of comfort? I’m feeling like a Maori warrior in Haka, an ancient war dance, intimidating that damn beast right now.

How about you?